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Fresh Pet offers innovative, market-specific, cost-effective and completely reliable PET packaging solutions for various types of packaging industries, particularly catering to FMCG, pharma, liquor and food & beverages processing companies

We are a close knit organisation with impeccable co-ordination among various departments. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is backed by highly qualified engineers and other skilled and semi-skilled workforce.

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Over a Decade of Experience

Fresh Pet has been serving various industries since 2009. Our versatile preforms are used for bottling of water, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit Juices/Pulps/Concentrates, Soft Drinks, sodas and a lot more.

Licensed & Insured

Fresh Pet Private Limited is certified by the Food Safety System Certification 22000:2011, which is an ISO-based food safety management system certification, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Honest & Dependable

At Fresh Pet, the aim is to keep our focus on product enhancement and quality improvement based on feedback from all the stakeholder’s in the eco-system, including clients, suppliers, employees and research team.

A Glance Inside Fresh Pet

our vision

Our vision is "To be a leading supplier in the PET packaging industry globally in times to come by providing superior quality preforms and service of exceptional value"
Quality Assurance

Our advanced generation Husky machines and moulds helps us in producing excellent quality preforms.It ensures enhancement in energy efficiency and hence leads to increase in production through faster and cost effective cycles.We emphasize on procuring hi-end technology while persistently upgrading the processes of execution. This constant modulation ensures that our customers remain one step ahead of their competitors.

Client Satisfaction

Fresh Pet foremost focus has been to produce premium quality preforms for our end user clients.Our customers and our suppliers are our partners in creating value and their satisfaction and trust is our reward.

Innovative packaging

We are constantly working towards forging closer association with our customers ensuring that we can fully understand the market dynamics that are shaping our customer's markets so that we can deliver the innovative packaging.

Our Manufacturing Unit

Fresh Pet manufacturing unit is located at a prime industrial zone SIDCUL, Haridwar at Uttrakhand, India. In order to process high quality Pet preforms, we have installed state-of-the-art Husky HyPET-225 series PET Preform Injection moulding machine and moulds, which delivers high quality preforms to our consumers. HyPet machinery results in quick cycles and superior quality preforms.

Fresh Pet uses supreme quality resins of both regular and Hotfill so as to manufacture a large range of preforms applications.

The colour used for manufacturing coloured preforms is procured from Colour Matrix which helps us to meet the tailored requirements of our clients.Various concentrates and additives are used during manufacturing of preforms which helps us in improving the aesthetics,sustainability ,performance and processing of quality PET products.

A full-fledged laboratory guarantees uncompromising test results at every stage of production to achieve international quality standards. From the procurement of the raw materials to the final packaging of our products, we follow stringent quality control measures.

Our Products

Fresh Pet Quality

Fresh Pet has been serving various industries since 2009. Our versatile preforms are used for bottling of water, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit Juices/Pulps/Concentrates, Soft Drinks, sodas and a lot more.

Our preforms are carefully polished with flash-free necks, high transparency with uniform wall thickness. The preforms are designed in such a way, that material gets rationed evenly while blowing, there by making absolutely sturdy bottles.

This helps us to follow a no rejection guideline and keep our clients satisfied. While producing pet preforms, fresh pet uses various additives to maintain the taste, flavor, vitamins etc.

Our preforms are widely known for their glass like transparency, light weight and freshness retaining ability. We offer products in various sizes, colors and designs to select from, which make us a one stop solution for all pet preforms manufacturing requirements.

Product Configurations
Neck Type Weight (Gms) Applications Filling (Ml)
Alaska 28mm 9.3 Water 200 - 250
Alaska 28mm 10 Water 200 - 250
Alaska 28mm 13.5 Water 500
Alaska 28mm 19.2 Water 1000
Alaska 28mm 19.7 Water 1000
Alaska 28mm 21 Water 1000
Alaska 28mm 21.5 Water 1000
Alaska 28mm 34 Water 2000
PCO 1881 11 CSD / Juices 100 - 200
PCO 1881 12.5 CSD / Juices 200 - 250
PCO 1881 12.6 CSD / Juices 200 - 250
PCO 1881 13.5 CSD / Juices 250 - 300
PCO 1881 15.5 CSD / Juices 300 - 400
PCO 1881 22.2 CSD / Juices 400 - 600
PCO 1881 30.7 CSD / Juices 750 - 1000
PCO 1881 32.5 CSD / Juices 1000 - 1250
PCO 1881 34.7 CSD / Juices 1000 - 1250
PCO 1881 46.7 CSD / Juices 2000
PCO 1810 25.5 CSD / Juices 400 - 600
PCO 1810 48 CSD / Juices 2000
ROPP 25mm 10 Pharma/Liquor 100
ROPP 25mm 12 Pharma/Liquor 100-200

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Constantly striving towards innovation, we set challenging goals for ourselves and have been achieving them year after year. Our conversion capacity is 250 million preforms per annum, which gives us a lead amongst other competitors in the business. Pepsico, Bisleri, Kingfisher, Frooti etc & many more as our client base, we are committed towards excellence and determine to pursue the highest standards in creating value for our customers.

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